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Once upon a time, it was a relatively easy process to include a Google map on your website, showing your business address for potential customers. However on June 11, 2018, things will change.

On June 11, any existing maps on your website that do not meet Google's Map API requirements, will either no longer display correctly or may include advertisements from other businesses.

The steps you will need to do complete to have a map on your site as you intended include:

  1. Creation of a Google account if you do not already have one
  2. Entering of credit card details in your Google Maps Platform billing account
  3. Registration of a Google Maps API key and correct key security settings for your domain
  4. Updating of your existing map coding to include your new API key

The credit card is purely there should you exceed the monthly usage allowances. Details on possible Google Map Platform usage costs can be found here.

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