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A. We can build anything you require. Ensuring your website is SECURE (httpS) is one of the most important things in 2020. Feel free to tell us what you need here.
A. In simple terms, it means your website has been built to automatically adjust to the users Internet viewing device. By going with a responsive design, there is no need to have a separate website under a different web address for mobile users. With 3 websites in 1 (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile), responsive design is the standard web design practice of the current era.
To test whether your website is responsive, simply visit it on your mobile device or tablet. If you need to zoom in to read text or to navigate, then it's not a responsive website and it will be negatively affecting your audience's engagement with your brand!
A. Sure. Give us a rundown of what you need here.
A. Of course! We love to get new businesses selling online. More importantly, we love seeing our customers selling products online. What do you want to sell? Tell us, maybe we can just give you some friendly advice.
A. Most of customer websites are developed using Drupal. We can of course design static HTML websites as well, but this is often reserved for HTML email marketing and so forth.
A. Yep you need a server! We utilise hardware from Linode and maintain the software side of things with our development partners. This gives us amazing control over exactly how we need our servers to operate, in conjunction with our client's website. We do all the critical security updates for both the server software and Drupal modules if installed, as part of our monthly server fees.
A. Yep you'll probably want email that includes your business domain name, if you are serious about operating on the Internet. We setup most of our customers on Google G-Suite, which provides an amazing array of services for around $5 a month. So after we do all the setup and DNS changes, it's a small price to pay each month.
A. Sure! As we are right here in Melbourne, we love to get out and discuss ideas and possible projects with new customers. If we can't help, no problem, we'll try to find someone who can.
A. We are only ever a call or email away. We love working with our customers to give them what they need, when they need it. Try it yourself, click here and we will reply within the hour.

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