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It's pretty simple - the "S" stands for secure. To get "S" your web server requires a "Secure Certificate" installed on it. If you do not install a secure certificate and extend the http protocol to support TSL, users will start seeing alerts that your website is not secure. How bad will it look when your customers see messages such as, "This website is not secure!" or "Your connection is not private!".

There is of course work to do on the website, Google Search Console and the webserver itself to accommodate httpS. Google (and other search engines) probably know you quite well as http but not as httpS. The last thing you want to do is lose customers due to not completing all the steps that contribute to a successful httpS migration. As far as search engines are concerned, http and httpS are two different websites. Thus we need to tell the search engines otherwise, to ensure you keep your current search engine visibility intact.

Don't leave this crucial change to the web landscape to chance. Contact us today and be secure tomorrow.

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